Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Wanna Be Just Like Her!

I keep thinking I will do this one for my next speech at Toastmasters (public speaking club) , but maybe I will use it as an inspiration instead.
I went to Toastmasters about 12 times as a 'guest' because I was afraid and unsure about joining the club. May sound silly but it is the truth.
One time members from another club joined ours for the evening. Table topics is a Toastmasters tradition to have members 'think on their feet'
for a maximum of 2 minutes. They are to speak about a topic they only know about when they are called upon.
I went to Toastmasters to have this experience and I felt so nervous sometimes I wished I had just stayed home.
On this particular evening was one of those times I wished I had stayed home, avoiding the whole nerve wracking experience. But here I was sitting in my chair trembling, because I knew sooner or later the Tabletopics person would ask me if I would like to have a turn.
I always said yes because I really did want to overcome my nervousness and anxiety.
They usually asked experienced members to go first so I knew I was OK for a while longer. As one by one the members got up and said their little spiel, I knew my turn was fast approaching. I could feel the anxiety consume me as I sat sweating in my chair, my throat tightened so I could hardly swallow, I desperately wanted a drink from my water bottle but I knew my hands would tremble violently and I didn't want to draw any attention to myself so I sat in anxiety ridden silence. Maybe they were going to call on me next...and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. But no, they called on someone else. A member from the other club.
The woman stood up and her shoes went "tap, tap, tap" as she headed for the front of the room. She began her little talk with conviction. She spoke as if she truly knew what she was going to speak about and she passionately delivered her message. When she was finished her shoes went "tap, tap, tap" all the way back to her chair.
As I sat in my chair, I could feel my back straighten as I thought to myself, "I want to be just like her!" I want to stand up tall and walk confidently to the front of the room and speak with passion and intelligence.
Sure enough, I was asked next if I would like to give it a try and I accepted. I stood up and headed for the front of the room and even though my shoes sounded more like "clop, clop, clop", I began to speak words that formed coherent sentences and with a little humour thrown in, soon my time was done and my shoes said "clop, clop, clop" all the way back to my seat. I DID IT!!

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