Monday, March 15, 2010

Dreary day

This morning I started out feeling somewhat less than my happy self as I do not appreciate setting the clocks ahead because I am a person who appreciates allot of sleep. I don't like to sleep in, never have, so in order to get up around 6 or 6:30 I need to go to bed early. All this is fine with me except when we 'SPRING' ahead I LOSE an hours sleep! Getting up at 6 is fine with me getting up at 5 ISN'T!!!
So putting that boo hoo story aside, I debated whether I wanted to go for my 2 hour walk to the beach. I decided to go after all and since it was raining it matched my mood.
On the way to the beach I pass through a ravine and climb down many stairs, on the way back I climb up the steps. Today I saw a little animal on the step, it was a black and white cat. I asked it if it was OK and it said MEOW I asked it if it was lost and it said MEOW. I told it to wait there and on my way home if it was still there I would bring it home with me and together we would find its family. I love all animals, but have more experience with dogs. Our latest dog passed away last summer.
On my way home I wondered if that little kitty would still be on the step. Odds were it wouldn't be because many people climb up and down those steps including many dogs, so I was surprised to see it was still there. It looked sick or maybe in shock so I gently picked it up. It vomited on my boots and I thought 'vomiting is good' so we continued up the steps and I carried the little one home, knowing it didn't seem to be doing too well. I talked to it and told it to hang on, and I promised to take care of it. We finally reached my front door and walked into the house where I grabbed an old towel for it to lay on, only to find it had died in my arms while I carried it home.
The animal control person just came by to pick it up. When I told her what had happened she said that it was poisoned. That's why it vomited. She said it may have been rat poison, either the cat ate the rat or the poison. She said it is the slow release formula that causes more deaths. If people would use the fast acting rat poison then the rat dies right away and sort of mummifies, so if you use rat poison please use the fast acting one. I have had experience with rats as well but that is another story.
So I am still feeling a little down today. I think I will just rest in it.
In memory of an innocent young cat on a rainy morning.
love Susan

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