Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally the Answer to Cancer!!

Finally the answer to Cancer!!
After my own healing from cancer, I finally have a complete understanding of 'it', 5 years later.
I attended an information meeting last night and am absolutely delighted about what I learned! It all makes perfect sense to me. And FINALLY the coming together of like-minded people to discover the answer was discovered YEARS AGO! Here it is........are you ready?...
I am going to tell you the short story of it.
It is that simple. I heard that before but didn't completely understand it.
I even wrote about little bits and pieces of this in my book, but didn't understand it completely because I didn't really know what cancer was.
I know I was totally in fear and I didn't want to study 'cancer' even when they told me I had it because I didn't want my mind to believe something I didn't want to believe.
As I went through my own healing, I did modify my diet somewhat. I always ate quite healthy (but I am by no means perfect in this area or any other). I included more vegetables like kale, swiss chard and spinach.
I did stop eating sweets, even though I DO indeed have a sweet tooth.
I cut way back on anything that had wheat in it.
And of course I released all the rage I had been suppressing and then surrendered to depression that plagued me my entire life.
I am going to write more about what I learned another day as I have some things to attend to that I have been procrastinating about. So stay tuned.
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