Friday, March 12, 2010

Having it all together.

Every couple of months 7 of us friends get together to share dinner and wine. We have come to love these evenings as we all have a chance to share what is happening in our lives. Of course 7 women having a turn to speak leaves only so much time for each of us to share (good thing or we might need the whole week).
At our last get together one of us was mentioning all the crap that was going on in her life and that she hoped one day she would have it 'all together' like the rest of us did. We were all left looking at her with this puzzled expression of... What did she say?...she thought we all 'had it together'?? What in the world is 'having it all together'?
So one by one we tried to convice her of all the reasons why we didn't have it all together.
I remember as a teenager hanging out with friends and the arguement at that time was about who's ass was bigger. We all claimed we each had the biggest ass. Why do we put ourselves down? Why don't we have the courage to say "hey, you want the biggest ass? You can have it!" Instead we each insist ours is bigger.
Well maybe I don't have the biggest ass and maybe I do...the point is it is interesting how we look from anothers perspective.
So I will be the first to say, "I don't have the biggest ass, and I DO have it all together, and I LOVE my life, and I KNOW it is going to get better and better!!!!"
Love Susan

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  1. I’ve decided to respond to Susan’s blog, via comment, for a few reasons. Firstly someone “whispered” into my ear to have a look-see. Secondly, I’ve never written in a blog before. In fact, this is my very first blog-read as well. Thirdly, because I happen to be the one of us “Lucky Seven” she is referring to.
    Susan is a woman of wisdom, as we all love and respect in her. I agree with what she said, but there is something I would like to address in her story. If that is truly what I said about “having it all together” then I believe I misspoke my true intention. I can’t recall to memory what I actually did say that night. Sheesh, I find forgetfulness to be a rather annoying byproduct of gaining ageless grace (isn’t that what it’s called?). Okay, so let me rephrase what I was sincerely feeling that night.
    I see all of you happy in your lives and excited about the journeys you are each taking. I think it would be difficult to “have it all together” as we all ride the waves of life, but I believe it’s the happiness I am lacking. It makes me wonder why my life isn’t like that? Why only me? What makes me different? That was the premise to my woeful admission.
    You all immediately responded with comforting words and tones to try and make me feel better. I can feel a smile threatening to blossom as I think back on your sincere and consoling faces. I would never want anyone to put themselves down (such as big-butt girl hahahahaha), but I felt as though you were all giving me hugs or patting me on the back. It was reassuring, and although I know we cannot be content with band-aid fixes for what lies deep below the surface, it soothed away the feeling of being the odd one out at the time.
    I agree that we should never feel content to put ourselves down in order to help the other person accept themselves better. When we are brave enough (as Susan is) to let our lights shine as bright as they possibly can, we actually help free and encourage others to let their hidden lights burst out in celebration! Wow…I want bursting!!!!
    Okay, so back to me again…I read Susan’s blog on “How would our life be different” and I think her honest words and ponderings reflect some reasons contributing to my unhappiness. To quote her “what if we could just relax and accept ourselves for who we are and believe we are doing the best we can every day” and “acceptance is freedom”. Well, how can I argue with that…grumble, grumble, grrrrrr (I’m being polite in blog-world). Well (sigh) I do have the biggest butt (might also be part of the problem hahahaha)…I’m not happy and accepting of my life right now…but, I CAN tell you this…I will do whatever it takes to achieve that acceptance! It’s a start for now.