Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Signs Signs Everywhere a Sign...

Have you ever noticed something and then realized you have been noticing that thing enough times that you noticed you were noticing it?
Sometimes that is a 'sign' that is being conveyed by our higher self to give us a hint or to show us the way of our path.
What we may not know is that we can ask for a 'sign' in order for us to get some validation or confirmation.
A friend of mine wanted validation about something and her and I were hiking up a mountain the following day, so she asked that her 'sign' be 2 feathers.
So up the mountain we went, we came upon a tree where others had put little tokens, there were stones, charms, feathers etc all attached to this tree. There were more than one feather and she thought maybe it was her 'sign'. As we walked further, almost at the end of the hike laying on the mud were two tiny pure white feathers. We looked at the feathers as we walked by and she turned to me and said, "Did you see that"? I indeed did. After contemplating what she had seen she decided to go back and pick them up. These were her validation or 'sign'. Now we could say "ya well we were in the forest on the mountain, there is BOUND to be birds and feathers..." or we could choose to believe.

Another time, a client was wondering how she would know what to do about a situation she was involved in. I explained about asking for a 'sign'. Earlier in the session she wondered if a word she was thinking of was 'really a word'. I brought out a dictionary and we discovered it 'was a word', because it was in the dictionary. She wanted some kind of confirmation about the situation she was involved in. I asked her what 'sign' she wanted to see as that confirmation. She thought that seeing a 4 leaf clover would be her 'sign'. Unbeknown to her the dictionary I had pulled out earlier had about 25 four leaf clovers in it because I seem to find them effortlessly and after finding them I don't really know what to do with them so I put them on the inside cover of this large hard cover dictionary. When I opened the dictionary and showed her all the 4 leaf clovers she seemed a little surprised. She thought she would actually be finding the 4 leaf clover herself. Sometimes it happens quickly and it can come in a way that is not how we thought it would show up. The choice is always ours whether we choose to believe or not.
Me, I believe.
Love Susan

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