Sunday, February 28, 2010

How would our life be different?

How would our lives be different if we lived from our fullest potential?
Sometimes when I think about this I imagine my life in the future and everything would be perfect.
But if I really was living my life from my fullest potential, maybe my life would be just the way it is today, with all my thoughts and judgements about myself and others and the beliefs that don't really make any sense when I speak them outloud. Along with that, my regrets and the distrust in people in general and how about the fear to really 'be seen' because of what everyone else must be thinking about me.
What if we were to live our fullest, best life right now today with all this stuff going on around us and knowing we aren't perfect and our lives aren't perfect...
OR...on the other hand what if we were perfect just the way we are and we are living our lives to the fullest potential every day and it's OK just the way it is. What if we could just relax and accept ourselves for who we are and believe we are doing the best we can every day, and we could just let our lives live through us without trying to control it. What if it was perfect with all the imperfections?
I am willing to accept my life and myself just the way things are.
Acceptance is FREEDOM! Susan

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