Sunday, February 7, 2010

Eat fruit on an empty stomach

Received an email this morning from a friend.It was about eating fruit on an empty stomach.It reminded me of when I read 'Fit For Life' by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. If we eat fruit on an empty stomach it detoxifies the body, supplying us with energy for weight loss and other activities.If we eat fruit after or with other foods the fruit ferments and spoils in our system, because it cannot get to our intestines. This is the perfect place for bacteria to grow causing our bodies to become acidic and the perfect condition for cancer.
All fruits turn alkaline in our bodies when eaten on an empty stomach so don't worry about the fruit being acidic or alkaline, according to Dr Herbert Shelton. Eating fruit on its own will strengthen our immune system.
So I am now going to eat an orange on an empty stomach. Susan

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