Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Good morning,
Today is my birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE!!!!
So many things come to mind to share. How about this one, yesterday I am reminded about this phrase that came to me years ago as I awoke one morning.
" Why do we try so hard to fit in, when we are meant to stand out"?
As a teenager I knew I wasn't like everyone else. I didn't have a desire to party or to be really social. I loved to ride my horse either alone or with my friend. Now, I realize how I AM different and I am OK with that. I am not one to follow along just because everyone else does. This includes the medical system's way of doing things. I like to be different now, and I do what feels right for me. I have connected with my inner guidance, and it is a strong connection. We all have access to it and mine became very strong while I was going through my healing of what they call breast cancer. It really taught me to do only what felt right to do and not do what didn't feel right to me. I didn't ask anyone else for advice or opinion. Well, maybe I asked a close friend, the odd time, when I felt really down and out.
I have been real busy with the final tweaks on the printed version of my book, Hello Susan, It's me, Cancer! How to LIVE without Chemotherapy, Radiation or Hormone Treatments.
All for now. Have a great day. Because, you know, it's my Birthday!!

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