Thursday, February 25, 2010

I never thought about this too much before but as I walked along the beach this morning a realization came through me.
That anger does not always go hand in hand with being mean spirited.
I think I had a belief that an angry person meant a mean person. Even a person who showed anger also must have a mean streak, I thought.
I have done alot of emotional clearing, myself, about anger. Growing up, my dad was angry alot, he raged alot and he was mean spirited. I was terrified of him, especially when I was a little girl.
Now, as I facilitate emotional release healing for others, I can totally see that being mean and angry don't always go together. It never dawned on me until this morning that possibly in my heart I carried that fear about myself. In the past I have had a tendancy to have a bit of an angry side or maybe it could be said, quick to anger (read more about this in my book I wonder...have I been mean too? Something I will sit with. Also, guess what? I can still get pretty roaring angry. When we clear out the emotional baggage, all the emotions still pass through us. They just don't get stuck inside us anymore. It's kind of fun to feel that energy pass through. But guess what else? I don't take it out on anyone anymore. No blaming someone else for my anger. I can just feel rip roaring angry about something and then I can just let it go. For me, this is called FREEDOM. Susan

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