Wednesday, February 17, 2016

10 years after healing breast cancer naturally

10 years later. Happy. Healthy. Healed. (Yes really!) NO recurrence  and NO fear of it 'coming back' because I know how and why I healed. I know it won't ever be an issue again because I am feeding my body high dense super foods, minerals, vitamins and doing cleanses (without fasting).

We aren't taught how to take care of these bodies. I have taken classes that teaches what we really need to know. I love being healthy and I love knowing how to share this information with others. has a new style of teaching by Taking Action For Your Health you also can heal your body. These classes are 15 minutes, 5 days a week for 8 weeks, by telephone. You are e-mailed the class material that you print and put in a binder for your continuing study.

 The amount learned is astounding in such a short amount of time. We need to look after the basics, if we are sick we need to address the issue (the injury), the inflammation, the infection, circulation and elimination. As we address and heal these issues the body heals whatever illness has been diagnosed. I did not know this as I was going through my healing journey but I sure wish I did. I wouldn't have done the surgery, that I know for sure!

I am a TAFYH leader now and am teaching these classes, you will be taught what to eat, what not to eat, what minerals and herbs all our bodies need and why, how to make a delicious smoothie to have in the morning, or at night. You are taught what to add to the smoothie to bring your body back to balance. These are some of the changes I have noticed:  the red itchy rash on the back of my neck that was there for years is GONE. My taste for wine is GONE, I just don't want it anymore. My metabolism is BACK, I don't know where it has been all these years. I lost 5 pounds. I feel awake and alert when I awaken in the morning, no more groggy, foggy brain. These are a few of the changes that have happened and its only been 2 MONTHS!

I wish I knew this stuff when I was diagnosed, but I know it now and would love to share it.
Susan D'Agostino
B.C. Canada

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